Over the years, Left Coast By Design has been many things. I used it to talk about video games. I used it to talk about sports. About travel. About politics. The only consistency throughout the different iterations over the years was the “Left Coast By Design, Right Coast By Nature” tagline.

So I figured with this new project, it made sense to keep that one consistency… consistent.

This isn’t to suggest I won’t talk about video games, sports, travel, politics, coffee, Cobra Kai, or Ted Lasso. In fact, quite the opposite. I plan to talk about all of those different subjects.

Every day. Every. Single. Day.

For an entire year.

I’ve actually tried this before. It didn’t stick. And if I include the years before blogging, then I failed there too – often the journals I would pen would eventually fall out of style.

There is some regret not having the wherewithal at the time to see it through. And frankly, I wonder how 2021 will be any different than years past. We currently reside in times that are full of uncertainty, so the thought of committing to something like this seems a little bonkers – if you ask me.

Yet here I am, authoring a post a 7:18pm on the first day of 2021.

Hopefully, I’ll have a second post tomorrow.