If you live in Vancouver, you know rain. If you don’t live in Vancouver, you likely still know rain. You just don’t know Vancouver rain.

When talking to those abroad, who sometimes think the mere mention of Canada means frozen tundra, I often explain Vancouver as being part of the “tropical part of Canada.” In relative terms, during the Winter season it often is.

Yet all that actually means is that instead of a snowy Winter, we get a wet one.

A very wet one.

I saw Micaela’s tweet earlier today and started to wonder – is Vancouver rain really that bad? Or is it simply rain in general? And having been born & raised here (at least in the Vancouver region – I no longer live in Vancouver proper), am I simply immune to how bad the rain here can get?

Extended Forecast for Vancouver, BC
The Extended Forecast for Vancouver

For instance, the extended forecast for Vancouver – as captured from Environment Canada in the image above – tells a very straightforward story.

It’s going to rain. It’s going to rain every day.

And it doesn’t seem to bother me. Dihydrogen monoxide be damned.

Maybe rain runs through my veins. Having a birthday in the dog days of Winter means my arrival on this planet likely coincided with a forecast that included rain. Sure I do have memories of snow on my birthday here and there, but I’d never bet against a good ol’ rainstorm passing through.

Growing up, my winter sport of choice was soccer. Know what that meant? Rain? Playing in the rain. And when I took up refereeing soccer? That meant spending whole days in the rain. Both Saturday AND Sunday.

What’s that saying from Game of Thrones? What is drenched may never drown? Or was it what is dead may never die? I don’t remember.

I’ve simply come to accept the rain as a guarantee. It will happen. It will happen constantly. And it will last forever.

Except when it doesn’t.

Today for instance. Today’s forecast was for rain. Yet this morning, and well into the afternoon, we saw the sun. And for these few hours, we made sure to get outside and bask in it. In fact, I think every single person in the Lower Mainland made an effort to soak up the sun.

Because we all knew it was likely the last we’d see of it until April.

And I think that’s key.

Having as much experience with rain as we do, we’ve grown numb to its impact on our lives and simply live from one good weather day to the next. We accept rain into our lives if only to give us the authority to share the beauty that is the city when the sun finally comes out.

Rain is life.

And we live in the rain whether we want to or not.