The Escapists + The Walking Dead = Synergy

I’ve never played The Escapists.  Ever.  I’ve wanted to.  But never got around to it.

But that might change, now that I’ve read that The Escapists: The Walking Dead is coming to the PS4!

The Escapists The Walking Dead

Just a day after my birthday (which equates to February 16 if you didn’t know), you get to play as Rick and keep your flock… err.. followers… err.. friends safe.  Set in an 8-bit version of Georgia (are they still in the state of Georgia?), the top-down style of play is serious nod to the epic gaming of olde.

The Escapists The Walking Dead

Have you given The Escapists a go?  Either on PS4 or the PC through Steam?  How has it been?


Back to the Future is Here!

If you’re a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy like I am, you know that October 21, 2015 holds a special place in every fans heart. Why you ask? Because it’s the day Doc takes Marty to the future!

Geez, what kind of fan are you?

Back In Time//

To celebrate Back to the Future, a number of brands have created some marketing collatoral representing their “future” products as original depicted in the movie. And they are awesome!

The Hoverboard

Pepsi Perfect

Jaws 19

And while it’s still possible the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series, it’s interesting how we can look back to see how much of the future was “predicted.”

Or better yet, why not let Doc Brown and Marty McFly do that for us?

What is your favourite Back to the Future moment? And what are you doing to celebrate? Oh look, we’re OUTATIME!


Getting Things Done. Because Obviously I’m Not.

If it wasn’t obvious to the millions of Left Coast readers (an approximate value of course) out there, posting with any semblance of regularity is a nonexistent theme. You could say that I struggle with getting things done.

It’s time for that to change.

Getting Things Done
#GTD – courtesy of
Alejandro Escamilla

While I’m only familiar with the GTD concept introduced by David Allen in his aptly named book – Getting Things Done– the idea of organizing your to-dos, priorities and schedule into a logical structure is defintiely appealing.

While I can appreciate that every aspect of life cannot be planned, I do believe that if you can provide structure around the chaos and apply it with consistency, you’re likely in a better position to handle everything that comes your way. Well maybe not handle everything, but handle anything.

This is where you come in.

What strategies, or hacks, work for you? Is there a secret sauce that you’d be willing to share? How do you introduce organization into your day-to-day and where did you start? I’m truly wanting to know.

Social Media

Social Media is a Conversation with Freddie

When it comes to social media, you could probably say I’m addicted.  While I dabble in different forms, my main vice is Twitter.  And there are definitely times when my prolific tweeting knows no boundaries.

I will tweet friends.  I will tweet friends of friends.  Heck, sometimes I’ll just tweet messages for the sake of telling everyone I had a roast beef sandwich for lunch (the worst kind of tweets, no?).

Yet if there’s one thing about Twitter I truly appreciate, it’s when other people out there who get social, actually “get social.”  It can be random people that engage.  It can be organizations with a genuine sense of humour.  Or the occasional (give or take) celebrity.

For instance, last night I saw the Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson (@BringerOfRain20) engage with Freddie Prinze Jr (@RealFPJr) regarding the former potentially getting a contract to face the Jays on their West Coast swing.  Now while the likelihood of that is slim to none, I felt the need to respond in my own way and suggest that Freddie’s experience in the movie Summer Catch.

Whether my tweet happened to catch his eye or he genuinely felt compelled to respond, Freddie engaged.

Now before you tell me that one tweet isn’t all that special, what’s important to note is that we didn’t stop there.  I responded and elicited a follow-up.  I think that’s what we in the biz call a conversation:

Humour aside, this is just a small microcosm of what I like about social media.  There is no way that I would’ve ever been able to have a chat with Freddie in real life considering how my sphere and his are so far apart, yet through the wondrous advancement of technology, Twitter makes that possible.

And it’s not just my ability to chat with Freddie.  It’s everyone else that I follow who allow me to be part of a giant global conversation.  It’s Canucks fans during the NHL season or Whitecaps FC supporters during the MLS year.  It’s fellow gamers and clanmates.  It’s you.

And that’s what is really neat about it all.

But I’m curious, have you had an experience such as this one?  Or what is it that binds you to the world of social if it’s not the same glue as me?  I’m truly quite curious.


Discounted Onboard Credit with Royal Caribbean

If there’s one thing we Canadian travelers are sensitive to, it’s how much our dollar relates to the dollar of our neighbours to the south.  While we have had some recent history where the loonie was trading for more than an American greenback, we’re quite accustomed with it being the other way.  In fact, no more than where it sits as of late – just shy of a full quarter less.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was browsing the Cruise Critic forum and came across a post suggesting that Royal Caribbean sells Canadian cruisers onboard credit in $USD for only 10%! That’s right – $100US only sets us back $110.

Radiance of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
Radiance of the Seas – courtesy of Prayltno

The nitty-gritty is this – if you booked through a Canadian travel agent and paid with a Canadian credit card, then you should qualify for the preferred exchange rate. If that’s you, then do the following:

  • Call Royal Caribbean Gifts & Gear at 1-800-722-5443.
  • Ask to pre-purchase onboard credit at the preferred Canadian exchange rate.
  • Enjoy the savings!

Now I will concede that “mileage will vary” depending on who you get on the other side of the phone, but from the forum post it seems just a second phone call back is all that is needed. And for those worried about where the unspent credit goes, you can withdraw at the casino for a 5% premium or simply have the value refunded back to your credit card.

Score, right?

So have any of you travelers taken advantage of this deal or something like it?

Gaming, Video

Another YouTube Video – How I Titan

If you haven’t figured out, I’m really enjoying what I can do with the content I create in Destiny on the PlayStation 4.  I’ve started to stream my gameplay, I constantly tweet about my exploits, and now I’ve gone and created a SECOND video – this time on the topic of Destiny itself.

As always, would love your feedback on the video. How was the narration? Did the music fit the video? And what can I do better? Oh on that note, if there’s something I can do better do you have a link or two to share so I can learn?

And you Destiny fans, how do you Titan? I need some ideas for new material!